Avacen 100: New Advanced Pain Management Alternative at Kharma Life Center

As the search for a non-invasive and drug free method for controlling and relieving pain becomes more of a priority, scientists and doctors alike have made strides in new research and technology to accommodate these needs. Avacen 100 is one of those advancements.

What exactly is Avacen 100?

Avacen stands for Advanced Vascular Circulation Enhancement. Broken down even further, Avacen is designed to infuse heat into the circulatory system through the palm of the hand. A protective sleeve covers the hand that is then placed into a heated vacuum chamber for 10-30 minute sessions. The palm of the hand is placed on a heated pad within the Avacen that warms the blood and circulates it throughout the body.

What does this do?

The body wants to dissipate the excess heat by pumping the blood through the deep tissue and eventually to the heat exchange capillary network throughout the body. This improves circulation throughout the body. The blood is able to flow more freely and efficiently, enhancing oxygen and nutrition delivery to muscles while at the same time removing toxins.

What benefits does this have on the body?

Improved muscle relaxation
Decreases Stress
Boosts Immunity
Mental Alertness
Relieves arthritis and muscle pain relating to fibromyalgia

This easy to use, drug free product represents the changing industry dynamics of pain relief. Kharma Life Center is now offering this treatment option available every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Call at 602-795-9767 or e-mail info@kharmalife.com if you have any questions. Or visit our website at kharmalife.com to schedule an appointment.