Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery (aka Hypnotherapy)

with Piperlyne Tomczyk
1 -230pm
Join Piperlyne for this 2-hour exploration of guided relaxation into the mind. This workshop is held on the first Saturday of every month and is available to anyone - no experience necessary.
Clear away clutter and unnecessary buildup that has been holding you back and taking up too much valuable space in your mind, your body and your emotions. Clearing out all of the clutter in your life that holds you back. As you clean all levels and layers of you, space is created to experience clarity of mind as well landscaping a strong path toward success.
Using storytelling, metaphors, and creative imagery you will learn how to use your intuitive subconscious to re-create your life's journey.
Each month will offer a unique focus of guidance. This month will focus on past life experiences.

Cost $20
Please preregister to attend.