The Summer of LOVE!

Face it — it’s hard to find things to love about summer in the Valley of the Sun. Yet the more we practice looking for the positive, the more we find it. We cultivate that which we seek.

This summer, Kharma Life Center has a plan: We’re arranging ten weeks of Summer Love and Summer Fun to take your mind off the ever-rising mercury. Each week we’ll roll out a new theme — starting June 24th with the unveiling of our Wall of Love! Play along with us and see how many of our weekly activities you engage in! Think of it as Summer Survival Camp.

As you focus on all the ways we observe love – from big to small – we hope summer flies by for you, and before you know it autumn will have arrived.

Join the Kharma Summer of Love movement! Snap a picture of yourself participating in our activities or discovering something to love about summer on your own, mention Kharma Life Center and tag #SummerOfLove. Let’s float through summer with the lightness of love in our hearts!