ZYTO Scan Screening; Enabling Wise Choices

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How does the ZYTO Scan Bioenergetic Screening work? The field of bioenergetics deals with energy flow through living systems. The energy generated in the body passes through the whole body on pathways called meridians. Along the meridians are acupuncture points. With modern advancements in technology, we are able to measure these and other points.

Bioenergetic screening tools like the ZYTO Scan, measure the points as digital signals. These signals represent supplements, foods, or clinical services. The results are then analyzed to determine "biological coherence." This process is called bio-communication.

Is a ZYTO Scan screening right for me? Can getting  one really improve my wellness?


For starters, a screening of this type can’t be used to diagnose or treat any disease or medical condition. However, you will receive valuable information you can use to make better decisions.


You and your practitioner can hone in on the wellness options that are most biologically coherent with you because these readings come directly from your body. For example, instead of taking a supplement just because it sounds good, you’re now basing your decisions on accurate, personalized data.


Additionally, information from your screening can be used to complement and compare to other data. Blood test results and health history are often supported by your scan. You and your  health practitioner have a wider range of useful information from which to make decisions.


At the completion of your scan, you receive a report documenting the full analysis. This information can help you make better decisions for your health.